Monday, December 14, 2009

Old Tokyo Metro Train (5000 Series)

Japan is renowned for its excellent trains, and especially in the Tokyo area means a lot of investment is made in new stock. This does however mean that older trains, especially those based on designs from the 60s and 70s, are disappearing fast. The Tokyo Metro 5000 series (東京地下鉄5000系, Tōkyō Chikatetsu 5000-kei) was built from 1964 onwards for the newly-opened Tozai Line, but by 2007 had been replaced by newer units. Two three-car sets are still in service though, operating a shuttle service on the Kita-Ayase branch of the Chiyoda Line. One is pictured here at Ayase Station in September 2009:

The units have been modified for one-man operation but otherwise haven't been overly modernised.

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