Saturday, February 15, 2020

Layout flashback, February 2019

Lower tunnel, front right, 2019-02-02

Around this time last year I was working on extending the hilly scenery on the front right corner of the layout.

Fun fact: the scenic section in the centre, above the lower portal, is adapted from my first ever attempt at scenenry by doing a "dry run" on a spare piece of board.

Meanwhile this was the state of the train depot, tracks laid roughly in place but nothing else:

Train depot area, 2019-02-12

For a more recent view (albeit in the other direction) see Layout progress, 2019-12-30 (part 2).

Since the above shot I've rearranged the lower lines, so the incline just visible in the centre-rear runs in the opposite direction. As part of the rearrangement, the bit of scenery with the bare rock face has been transported to the other end of the layout, visible here.

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