MicroAce N gauge 205 series (Yokohama Line)

MicroAce N gauge 205 series (Yokohama Line)


Model information
Scale Japanese N scale (1:150, 9mm gauge / N gauge)
Manufacturer MicroAce
Class 205 series
Catalogue number A1664
Associated products n/a
Produced 2009-12
DCC none
Manufacturer page 通勤型電車(国鉄/JR) > 205系 横浜線 7両セット (PDF)
Japanese 205系 横浜線 7両セット
Set formation
↑ Hachioji (八王子)
KuHa 205-2  
MoHa 205-4 ^
MoHa 204-4  
SaHa 205-4  
MoHa 205-6 ^
MoHa 204-6  
KuHa 204-2  

↓ Higashi-Kanazawa (東神奈川)


This MicroAce model represents the very early 205 series batch with the classic sash window style (2段サッシ). It's a reasonably modern model with flywheel motor, LED directional lighting. Bogies have pinpoint pickups and darkened wheelsets.

Overall this looks like a convincing representation of the 205 series.

The main downside is that the car interiors (floor/seating) are modelled in a rather dark red for some reason, which makes the interiors look very dark and unconvincing. Also, the destination board lighting is very bright.

Note this set was modified by a previous owner to "modernize" it, primarily by replacing the original diamond pantographs with single-arm ones, and adding front skirts.


This set was originally 10-car Yamanote Line set YaTe 2 (ヤテ2) but was loaned to the Yokohama Line for a couple of months from January 1993, where it ran as the 7-car KaMa 51 (カマ51) set in Yokohama Line colours. As such photographs of this unit are comparatively rare; the only picture I've been able to locate is:

In 2005 it was transferred to the Keiyo Line as set KeYo 25 (ケヨ25), and in 2012 it was passed on to the Fujikyu Line where it runs as a Fujikyu 6000 series 3 car set (see e.g. here).


This model was acquired without the original packaging. MicroAce helpfully provide a picture of the opened case here.

Maintenance and repair

This is a standard MicroAce chassis design of the second generation, with flywheel motor and pinpoint pickups.

MicroAce 205 series (A1664) - motor car unit disassembled

Motor unit, partially disassembled