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Tuesday, January 14, 2020  11:20 PM

Layout progress, 2020-01-14 - filling the gap

As mentioned in the previous post, the gap between the extended road section, which is slightly elevated, and the rails (which are at "ground level") needs filling - this is how it looks now:

Layout: lower station approaches (left side), 2020-01-14

I'll use some GreenMax stone embankment sheeting to cover the transition.

Meanwhile, looking back in the other direction:

Layout: local line to rear of train depot (2020-01-10)

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Monday, January 13, 2020  11:55 AM

Farewell, Yamanote Line E231-500 series

As of Friday January 10th 2020, all E231-500 series sets have been withdrawn from the Yamanote Line and the replacement with E235 series sets is complete (though some of the additional and relatively new E231-500 series cars ordered to replace the 6-door cars have been integrated into the E235 sets).

This is my pair of N guage E231-500 sets, on the left the Kato version (catalogue number 10-890) and on the right the MicroAce version (catalogue number A4070):

E231-500 series (Yamanote Line) - Kato and MicroAce sets

The Kato version is the newer and better of the two, particularly when seen from the front. The MicroAce version does however have some details it does better than the Kato one, such as the front skirt (the narrow white supports on the left and right on the Kato version should not be visible) and the door windows are not tinted (the Kato version uses one single coloured plastic sheet for the windows, the MicroAce one uses transparent plastic with coloured plastic added behind each large window).

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It only takes a few simple steps to transform the brilliant white foamboard into something more road/railway-like - simply paint with grey acrylic paint, and where ballast is required, shake ballast over the still-wet paint. It sticks very well, and any surplus can be shaken off onto a sheet of paper for recycling

Layout: lower station approaches (left side), 2020-01-12

The gap between the new road section and the running line still needs filling in, slightly more complex as the road runs 3mm higher than the baseboard level so a separate ballast strip will be required.

Layout: lower station approaches (left side), 2020-01-12

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Filling in a few more gaps in the "ground" on the left end of the lower-level station:

Layout: lower station approaches (left side), 2020-01-12

As elsewhere, using Tamiya 3mm foamboard to build up a "base level" up to about sleeper level on the Tomix track. Once cut to shape, each piece can be removed to do scenic work on it in the comfort of my own workbench, rather than bending over the layout. Not a very conventional method, but makes life a lot easier.

The segment on the left will become an extension of the road which currently ends in the foreground.

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Sunday, January 12, 2020  12:42 AM

Scaling ballast

One of the perennial issues with N scale is laying ballast which doesn't look unplausibly oversized when viewed close-up (such as through the unforgiving lense of a digital camera).

The grey ballast here is Kato 24-331 (video in Japanese):

Ballast, laid without treatment

which is the finest ballast I've come across (I understand it's actually by Woodland Scenics) and doesn't look too bad, but still gives the impression the truck has driven up to the side of a river.

Assuming it's dried firmly in place, I've found vigorously rubbing it down with coarse sandpaper breaks down the individual ballast stones and smoothes it down giving something more akin to the "compacted ballast/aggregate" effect I'm after:

Treated (above) and untreated (below) in comparison:

Close-up of a treated section (left; the ballas next to the rails has not been treated yet):

Tomix dummy manual point lever

Overall I'm quite pleased with the effect.

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Friday, January 10, 2020  12:59 PM

Layout progress, 2020-01-10 - Tomix manual point levers

Today's small but surprisingly time-consuming task was to install the dummy manual point levers Tomix provide with their points.

Tomix dummy manual point lever

I went to the trouble of painting the lower half of the "indicator disc" (for want of a better word) white, as that seems prototypical. See e.g. this picture (from this page showing DD13 allocations).

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Thursday, January 2, 2020   9:55 AM

Layout flashback, January 2019

I've been working on this layout in various forms for the last 5 years or so, and it seems to be taking an awful long time. Mind you, my free time has been quite limited due to work and domestic reasons, and it probably doesn't help that I've changed the design quite a bit as I go along. It occurred to me recently that it would be nice to look back and see how far things have come in 2019, so we'll start off with this piece of under construction embankment from January of that year:

Layout: embankment construction, January 2019

A couple of weeks later it looked like this:

Layout: embankment construction, January 2019

Following a change of plan, the embankment has since been moved 180 degrees around the layout (it's in the background of the picture in this recent post, with the above bridge just visible on the far left). Meanwhile, the lower level station was looking like this:

Layout: lower level station, January 2019

but has since also been relocated. Originally I wanted a wide-ish road with a tram line running down the middle (visible on the left), but that left very little space on the other side (right hand side as seen here) of the station for any kind of "town". The tramline has been relocated so it runs off to the right through the built-up area, and the station shifted to the left.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020   1:32 PM

Layout progress, 2020-01-01

Some minor modifications around the rear of the train depot.

Layout, train depot rear, 2020-01-01

Locomotive is a MicroAce 9600 class.

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Monday, December 30, 2019   3:10 PM

Layout progress, 2019-12-30 (part 2)

Following the earlier post, a couple of impressions of the current state:

Train depot, 2019-12-30
Layout: local line to rear of train depot

Obviously quite a few things still to do, but the general area is starting to look reasonably complete.

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Monday, December 30, 2019   1:38 AM

Layout progress, 2019-12-30

Concentrating on the rear of the train depot area at the moment, where it borders on a section of road and the lower-level loop.

Train depot rear

The depot area is 5mm higher than the base scenery level, which is not a huge amount but enough to convey a subtle change in elevation and avoid the "flat baseboard" effect. It also helps give the impression that the lower-level loop beyond the crossing is in a shallow cutting.

Next steps are to fill in the gaps in the train depot ballast, finish off the transformer mast (the brown structure behind the truck with the square grey body) and add some detailing to that area.

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