Fleischmann BR151 (151-032-0)

 Fleischmann BR151 (151-032-0)


This is a classic Fleischmann loco, solid and robust but a plausible model of the prototype with a decent level of detail. Though very much a 1970s design (this model appears to be from the earlier version with a plain steel pantograph, produced according to Spurweite-N.de until 1988), it does not look out-of-place on a contemporary layout.

Mechanically it runs fine and is easy to maintain (see below). The wheel treads are a little on the wide side and it runs a bit clunkily over modern Tomix pointwork but overall is an excellent, unassuming "layout loco". All axles have pickups; the inner and outer wheelset on each bogie are powered, with the inner wheelpair on each having traction tyres.


Model information
Scale European N scale (1:160, 9mm gauge / N gauge)
Manufacturer Fleischmann
Running number 151-032-0
Catalogue number 7380
Produced 1975-1995
DCC none
Manufacturer page n/a
MobaDaten.info FLM 7380 DB IV BR 151 Elektrolokomotive
Spurweite-N.de Fleischmann 7380



Fleischmann BR151 (151-032-0)


Fleischmann BR151 (151-032-0)

Body can be removed easily from the chassis. Note that it can only be fitted in one direction; there is an adjustable screw on the roof to select between overhead and track power, which matches to a section of circuit board towards the "Number 2" cab end. This may require a little adjustment after replacing the body to ensure contact is made from the strip beneath the screw on the inside of the body and the circuit board.

Fleischmann BR151 (151-032-0)
Fleischmann BR151 (151-032-0)

Contact wipers are somewhat prone to picking up dust and/or springing out from behind the wheel. These are quite thin and easy to bend; if adjusting, remove the underside of the bogie (which is held in place by a simple screw and moving the wheelsets, rather than trying to force the contact strip behind the wheel. It's also a good idea to clean both contact strip (again carefully to avoid bending it) and the inside of each wheel for better contact.