Kato N gauge 101 series (Chuo-Sobu Line)

 Kato 101 Series (Chuo-Sobu Line)


Model information
Scale Japanese N scale (1:150, 9mm gauge / N gauge)
Manufacturer Kato
Catalogue number 10-255
Produced 2006
DCC Kato "DCC friendly"
Manufacturer page 101系 総武緩行線色
Set formation
↑ Mitaka
KuMoHa 100-108
MoHa 101-91
SaHa 101-233
SaHa 101-108
MoHa 100-208
KuMoHa 101-155
↓ Chiba


Model produced in 2006; purchased second-hand in good condition but very noisy runner; fixed by oiling motor bearings.

Three cars have evidently been modified with Kato Roundhouse parts kit 11-510 (image link) which contains replacement roof parts and AU75 air conditioning units, here SaHa 101-233:

Kato 101 Series (Chuo-Sobu Line)


The original model is based on 1978 condition with no air conditioning; it's not clear when this was added.

One of the cab cars, KuMoHa 101-155, was based at Tsudanuma Depot between 1967 and 1982, before being transferred to Hineno Depot in Osaka (see: 国鉄 クモハ101-155).