Kato N gauge 115-2000 series (Minobu Line)


This is a Kato N-gauge model (catalogue number 10-463) representing a JNR 115 series (2000 subclass) 1500v DC EMU, one variant of a fairly standard JNR design for outer urban/regional stopping services on main/main-ish lines, so in contrast to urban commuter stock has 3 instead of 4 sets of doors, slightly more comfortable seating and toilet facilities. In contrast to the earlier, similar-looking 113 series it is designed for colder, mountainous regions.

This set was built in 1981 for the Minobu Line, located a fair way to the west of Tokyo which links the Tokaido Main Line to the The Chūō Line (中央線) at Kofu, and carried this wine-red livery when introduced.


Model information
Scale Japanese N scale (1:150, 9mm gauge / N gauge)
Manufacturer Kato
Catalogue number 10-463
Produced 2013
Manufacturer page 115系身延線色 4両セット


Kato 115-2000 series (Minobu Line)