Kato N gauge 205 series (Saikyo Line)

Kato N gauge 205 series (Saikyo Line)


Model information
Scale Japanese N scale (1:150, 9mm gauge / N gauge)
Manufacturer Kato
Catalogue number 10-187
Associated products  
Produced 1994
DCC none
Manufacturer page n/a
Other model reference n/a
Japanese 205系直流通勤形電車(埼京線色)
Set formation
↑ Kawagoe
KuHa 205-128
MoHa 204-350
MoHa 205-350
MoHa 204-287
MoHa 205-260
KuHa 204-128
↓ Osaki

Note: MoHa 204-287 and MoHa 205-260 purchased separately.

Parts and detailing

Lighting units replaced with LED ones (LBNK02A by ModelTrainPlus).