Kato N gauge 209-500 series (Musashino Line)

Kato 209-500 series (Musashino Line)


Model information
Scale Japanese N scale (1:150, 9mm gauge / N gauge)
Manufacturer Kato
Catalogue number 10-1417
Produced 2017-06
DCC Kato "DCC friendly"
Manufacturer page 209系500番台武蔵野線
Japanese 209系500番台
Set formation
↑ Tokyo/Minami-Funabashi
KuHa 209-513
MoHa 209-525
MoHa 208-525
SaHa 209-550
SaHa 209-549
MoHa 209-526
MoHa 208-526
KuHa 208-513
↓ Hachioji/Omiya/Fuchu-Honmachi

DCC compatibility

The documentation describes this 209-500 series as "DCC friendly" and lists the following decoders as compatible and usable without any modification being necessary:

  • FR11 (part number 29-353) for interior lighting
  • FL12 (part number 29-352) for cab end directional lighting
  • EM13 (part number 29-351) for the motor unit