Kato N gauge DD13 (early style)

Kato DD13 (DD13-80)


Model information
Scale Japanese N scale (1:150, 9mm gauge / N gauge)
Manufacturer Kato
Running number DD13-80
Catalogue number 7012-1
Produced 2016
DCC none
Manufacturer page DD13 初期形 / 後期形
Japanese DD13 初期形


This N gauge model represents the early version of the DD13 with single large headlight and prominent radiator grille. The Kato model includes numbers for DD13-58、DD13-72, DD13-73, and DD13-80 (currently fitted to this one). For my layout (which is nominally set in the western Tokyo area) I intend to change it to one of DD13-81 ~ DD13-83, all of which were allocated to Hachioji Depot (source: DD13形ディーゼル機関車).