Lima V100 in BR blue (220213)

This Lima N Gauge locomotive, catalogue number 220213, is one of Lima's infamous "fake" liveries, here a German V100 prototype painted in a colour resembling (but not matching) BR Blue and adorned with a BR logo and fictitious pre-TOPS running number D8915.

Lima N Gauge V100 (220213) in fake BR livery

Like many Lima locomotives, the bodywork moulding looks reasonably convincing (ignoring the livery) - see below for a comparison with the equivalent Fleischmann model. Of course, there's the infamous Lima "pancake" motor, here centre-mounted powering the inner axles on each bogie, making this technically a 1A-A1 rather than a prototypical Bo-Bo. This is however an improvement over the equivalent HO model, which just has two axles.


This model seems to first appear in the 1971 Wrenn catalogue with catalogue number 213.


A version in BR green was also available as catalogue number 212 (220212).

Comparision with other models

Here side-by-side with an old Fleischmann Piccolo V100 (in genuine Bundesbahn livery):

Lima N Gauge V100 compared to the Fleischmann version

Lima N Gauge V100 compared to the Fleischmann version