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Lima N Gauge Class 31 D5518 (220209G)

Lima Class 31 D5518


Model information
Scale Nominally British N scale (1:148, 9mm gauge / N gauge)
Manufacturer Lima
Running number D5518
Catalogue number 220209G
Produced n/a
Manufacturer page n/a
LIMA-N scale-LOCOMOTIVES 220209 ... BR (British) ... D 5518


The Lima N Gauge Class 31 from the 1980 Lima catalogue.

Lima Class 31 D5518 (220209G)


The first and worst rendering in N gauge of the Class 31 (Brush Type 2), an early (and relatively long-lived) modernisation plan diesel with the unique (for the UK) A1A-A1A wheel arrangement.

Inside it's the classic Lima chassis design:

Lima N gauge Class 31 D5518 (220209G) - chassis

Diecast metal chassis with the motorized bogie on the right, pickup bogie on the left


Lima N gauge Class 31 D5518 (220209G) - pickup bogie (underside)

Mmmmh, lovely thick pizza cutter wheels. The pickup arrangements is actually not too bad, with what look like brass pickups pressing down on the axles, and held in place by a small rim on each side. The screw which holds the body in place visible on the right.


Lima N gauge Class 31 D5518 (220209G) - driving bogie (underside)

The motorized bogie; the way the motor is mounted seems to make it impractical to power more than two axles.


Lima N gauge Class 31 D5518 (220209G) - driving bogie (motor)

The motor; the brass (?) strips on each end, which the wires are soldered to, reach around the motor block (see next photo). Not entirely sure what the purpose of the oval copper (?) strip in the centre is, it serves no electrical purpose and doesn't hold anything in place.


Lima N gauge Class 31 D5518 (220209G) - driving bogie (motor, brushes)

Motor from the other side; the brass strips wrap around from the other side, and hold two copper springs in place, which in turn secure the brushes against the motor and provide electrical contact.


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Great article !

Mine desperately needs new traction tyres.

Any idea what size/spec, or where I can get them ?

Posted by: Martin Gardiner | 2018-06-19 14:36
Good question; coincidentally I saw these recommended recently: via this Facebook post: (looks like can only be viewed with a Facebook login).

I've considered experimenting with Kato or Tomix tyres when I get round to it.
Posted by: RailSquid | 2018-06-24 01:11
The oval copper thing holds a gear in place similar setup to the good old 00 Ringfield motor
Posted by: Michael Foster | 2022-01-11 18:49
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