MicroAce N gauge 301 series

MicroAce 301 series


Model information
Scale Japanese N scale (1:150, 9mm gauge / N gauge)
Manufacturer MicroAce
Catalogue number A0053;
Associated products A0055 "301系 東西線 青帯・冷房車 増結5両セット"
Produced 2011-11
DCC none
Manufacturer page 通勤型電車(国鉄/JR) (PDF)
Other model reference n/a
Prototype information
Japanese 301系 東西線 青帯・冷房車 増結5両セット
Set formation
↑ Mitaka
KuMoHa 300-4 *
MoHa 301-12 ^
MoHa 300-5 (M)
MoHa 301-7 ^
KuHa 301-4 *
↓ Nishi-Funabashi

Parts and detailing

As with many MicroAce EMU sets, this model benefits enormously from the replacement of the standard Arnold Rapido couplings with Tomix TN couplings. Note that if doing this, the bogies will need to be rotated 180 degrees, otherwise the attachment which held the Arnold Rapido coupling will foul the Tomix TN coupling. This has been reported by MicroAce, see: 301系にTNカプラーを取り付ける際の注意事項.