Monday, August 12, 2019

Improving Tomix "Second Generation" mechanisms (part 2)

In a previous entry, Improving Tomix "Second Generation" mechanisms, I provided a suggestion to improve the mechanism of these models by applying tape to the worm gear case to stop it vibrating against the chassis.

A year older and wiser, I've since discovered that while this mitigates the underlying issue somewhat, it's not a particularly effective solution.

The underlying issue, it turns out, is the interaction between worm gear and worm gear case - without sufficient lubrication, the worm gear will cause the case to vibrate, and sometimes "stick" slightly, causing the car to stutter, and possibly put more strain on the motor/and or cause a higher current draw than it should do.

The solution is simple, effective and obvious: lubricate the interface between worm gear and worm gear case.

Tomix worm gear box lubrication

Using a toothpick/cocktail stick I applied dabs of grease to the "tunnels" on inside of the case (above right) and to the worm gear itself one either end where it rotates against the case. Excess can be remove with the toothpick, and wiped on the exposed part of the worm gear (though this really doesn't need much lubrication).

Before doing that however, it's worth cleaning both worm gear and the case, to remove any existing grease/oil residue, and in the case of the worm gear, remove any built-up fibre which may have ended up wrapped around it (quite common with second-hand stock, and something I evidently missed last time).

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Yes! I had this exact issue with a Tomix 300 Series Shinkansen - a beautiful model and one of my favorite Shinkansen designs (second to the 100) - took me AGES taking the thing apart again and again to isolate that it was the worm gear's plastic housing causing a nasty squeal sound. I was afraid that gears were grinding, but I've ordered some plastic lubricant to fix this. Thanks for your advice - I'm new to the Japanese N-scale hobby, and so relieved to find some maintenance tips online for these Tomix trains!
Posted by: Michael | 2019-10-29 07:26
Glad the info is useful!

I can also recommend the JNS forum which is an excellent source of information on Japanese model trains.
Posted by: railsquid | 2019-10-30 01:08
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