Kato 11-706 "Close coupling B (grey)"

This variant of the Kato EMU close coupling is generally found on older EMUs such as the 103 and 205 series, and clips onto the bogies using what can be best described as a "tongue/hole" attachment; see pictures below. It has jumper cable representations.

Many MicroAce models come with adapters which clip into the MicroAce bogie and provide a compatible "interface" for these couplings, however the utility of these is doubtful and in many cases results in a greater gap between cars than with the original Rapido couplings. See below for details.

Usage examples

MicroAce adapters

MicroAce N gauge E231-1000 series (Tohoku Line)

Attached to a MicroAce N gauge E231-1000 series (Tohoku Line) using the MicroAce-provided Kato coupling adapters - not a very successful combination